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Ana Maria Felisa G. Mayor
Class:  Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Scholarship Received: 100 Percent Tuition and Fees


Being an Ateneo scholar is a privilege to experience the best of both worlds. Coming from a financially-challenged family in Tondo, the Ateneo education that I am enjoying now has opened doors for me and has taught me valuable lessons, not only about academic subject matters, but more importantly about life, about God, about others, and about myself. I know that other universities and colleges would have given me the same privilege, but I am happy and proud that I am in the Ateneo-and I know that I won't be the same, I won't be who I am now, and I would have not written this essay if I have pursued my tertiary education in another school.

Being an Ateneo scholar is also a responsibility. I have to maintain decent grades, I have to fulfill my service hours, and I have to keep in touch with my benefactor and with OAA. But I did not feel that it was solely an obligation. On the contrary, I pretty much enjoy fulfilling these "requirements," so much so that, at the end of the day, I don't usually see these as "requirements" anymore, but wholehearted acts of love and gratitude. And I'm not saying this to sound and look good. I mean it, sincerely.

With the opportunity of being given an Ateneo education for free, I feel that I should enjoy it to the fullest by learning all that I can learn and by sharing with others my time and talents through various co-curricular activities.

I am really thankful for the privilege of being an Ateneo scholar, and for the responsibilities that go with it as well. I admit that it's not easy: hell weeks, getting Ds and Fs in tests, hectic schedules, tedious commuting to school everyday of my college life while others go home in luxurious cars, wearing over-washed clothes while others wear designer outfits, having to wait for a vacant computer in RSF while others have their own laptops.

But being part of the community of Ateneo scholars is an inspiration. We may not be financially endowed, but we're blessed with other gifts such as intellect, experience, sense of community. Plus, with OAA, our benefactors, and the entire scholars' community to guide us, we know we can move on despite academic, psychological, financial, emotional, and all other kinds of stress and pressure. Life goes on, and we can and shall pay it forward by just being ourselves, by doing our best, and by guiding the next generation of scholars.