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Jose Miguel C. Albornoz
Class: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Scholarship Received: 75 Percent Tuition and Fees



Like any struggling teenager in this world, I think that education will be the one thing that I know will help me succeed in life. Other than elementary and high school education, college education is an integral step necessary for the actualization of any dreams I may have. As for the type of college education, I am grateful that God led me to the Ignatian way of learning. 

Although the tuition fee may be high, my scholarship grant allowed me to achieve the type of education that I am experiencing now. Aside from the usual academic rigors that I have faced, there is also the problem of trying to fit in a community that is unlike any other I had been in before. But thankfully, I am now headstrong and confident that those challenges can be surpassed. As a scholar, I believe that I am part of a special group of students that is hard-working and determined, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Truly, my scholarship has helped me to realize the importance of education in my life.  

Ateneo has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious schools here in the Philippines, and also for having religious consciousness imbued in its students. Although the Jesuit education that comes with being an Atenean is important, I believe that the Ateneo has so much more to offer. Its concern not only for the welfare of the students, but also for society is evident in the numerous projects that are implemented in the school. As a scholar, organizations that cater to our needs; whether it is academic, emotional, or social, are present and run efficiently by other scholars. This, I know, is an important part in my growth as a scholar; being with people who are just like me.  

Being in Ateneo has been a learning experience, and a continuing process until now. I am educated not only academically, but also morally, spiritually, and socially. And all that would not have been possible if not for the scholarship I received.