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Karl Vincent L. Songco
Class: Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering 2005
Scholarship Received: Fr. Asandas Balchand SJ Scholarship Fund, Ateneo College Scholarship
Awards Received: Dean's List Award (SY 2003 � 2004, SY 2004 � 2005)
Current Occupation and Company: Brand Building Finance Business Partner (Deodorants Category), Unilever Philippines


I am thankful to the whole Ateneo community, especially to the men and women who worked very hard in finding ways to support their scholars, for the opportunity of having the kind of education that forms people to become morally-upright and competent individuals in the light of Christ's teachings. Indeed, after having experienced life in the Ateneo for four years, I could say that life had really changed for the better with all the lessons I learned inside and outside the classrooms of the Loyola schools.

For one, the kind of caliber our faculty exhibits is just remarkable-something that we can really be proud of. This has been an important aspect of Ateneo education that makes its students truly dependable and productive later on. I guess they do deserve our gratitude for imparting to us the knowledge and wisdom we now use in our current professions.

The other and perhaps the more important benefit anyone can ever receive from his Ateneo education is the holistic formation centered on the life of Christ. I believe that more than having the necessary skill set to achieve and succeed in one's profession, it is the character of the person that leads him to true happiness. It is the Christian values and good example taught to us by our educators that makes the difference when we go out and involve ourselves with society. The struggle to come "men and women for others" has become our motto deep within, pushing us to strive for more and go beyond ourselves to bring about change in our environment and follow Christ in the process.

Now, as I continue on in my new stint as a Finance Business Partner for the Deodorants category in Unilever Philippines, I always recognize the fact that all these would not have been possible if not for the generosity and faith of those people who have just opened many doors to young hopefuls to achieve their dream and live a better life.