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Message from the Board

Everyone deserves an Ateneo education. It is a reality, however, that not everyone can afford one. In this school year 2007-2008, 1 out of 7 students are scholars. That is 14% of the entire college student population. Not represented in this statistic are those students who are already in college, but are in danger of dropping out because they could no longer afford the tuition fees. Ateneo does not want to lose these promising students just because they are unable to meet the financial requirements of the university.

To provide more financially disadvantaged but deserving students with the means to complete their Ateneo education, the ASF launched a fundraising campaign for the sale of naming rights to a new university dormitory now being built. A P600,000 donation entitles you to exclusive naming rights for one room. A room can be named after an individual, a group of donors, a class or an organization. The two towers, lobby and cafeteria are also available for naming.

On behalf of the ASF, we invite you to name a room or area and in return, your pledge will go to university scholarships. In honor of your generosity, your name will be etched on a permanent plaque next to your sponsored room or area.

Indeed, the saying “to whom much is given, much is expected” holds true for us. We have been privileged enough to obtain an Ateneo education. We now have the chance to pay it forward and share this gift with others. Who knows, the lives that you touch today will be the ones who will shape our future.

Give wings to these young and promising minds as they soar to greater heights with the gift of an Ateneo education.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,