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Vision and Mission


The Ateneo Scholarship Foundation, Inc. aims to enhance the tradition of excellence in the Ateneo by enlarging the body of scholars in the university. It seeks to make an Ateneo Jesuit education accessible to academically qualified but financially needy students by providing them financial assistance. Further, it hopes to train and nurture these young men & women to be future leaders of the nation.


The Ateneo Scholarship Foundation, Inc. seeks to promote research, studies and instruction in the natural and social sciences and in the humanities; to establish professorial and faculty chairs for research, instruction, and training of students and scholars; to accept donations, bequests or inheritance of real and personal properties, to increase scholarship funding and to further the democratization of access to educational opportunities through the provision of financial assistance.

The initial ASF General Fund was established in 1974. A major fund campaign targeting business corporations was successfully done in 1987-92 establishing the Ateneo Scholarship Endowment Fund. In 1987 alumni scholars were called upon to give back to their alma mater establishing the Scholars-for-Scholars Scholarship Fund. In the same year, parents were invited to sponsor a scholar establishing the Parents for Scholars Program Fund.

As of December 2006, some 163 funds for college scholarship, professorial chairs, leadership funds and various support funds have been established with the ASF.

The Director of the Office of Admission and Aid of the Loyola Schools is the ASF Executive Director.